Poem: Wailing Vale

Now soothing glee is a dreamland tale,
All the poise has gone its way.
Quivering sobs – sorrowful,
Mute anguish – nothing to say.

Admiring counsel, patting back,
Is no more there, has ceased to be.
Contracted hearts, feeble sounds,
Pallored faces and sobs to see.

Woeing cries, cursing gloom,
Killer killer – hue and cry.
Wriggling, panting Adams race,
Limping lives full of sigh.

Ebbing thoughts, strewn belief,
Pursed lips, expression bane.
Startled masses, frightened soul,
Murky future, rusty brain.

Mariad tongues shout in pain,
Tempestuous gloom is all around.
Non- hilarity has gripped man,
Woes and weeps have grown aloud.

Swans, crows – a limited roof,
Mixed up and common rule.
Gosling with a kiwis pat,
Such is the parity in this pool.

Honour, love and respect sway,
For jaws of death are wide open.
Rapture, life is at stake,
Blades, rapiers surrogate the pen.

All is void and frail my friend,
Waive the nasty fierce lust.
Despise dour detestation with life,
Sense the faith, beauty and trust.


(Dr. Ravinder Kumar Kaul is a teacher based in Srinagar. Views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Chaupal)


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