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Birthday Special: Swami Vivekananda teaches us what India needs to do in next 5000 Years

Eleventh September of 1893 the city of Chicago in the United States observed a new phenomenon that is still shaking the heart and mind of millions of people even today. A thirty years old Indian Hindu monk addressed the distinguished audience of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago as ‘Sisters and Brothers of America’.
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#SwachhBharat: Let us talk more about Responsibilities than Rights

  शाक्य भट्टाचार्यजी (@shakyadoc) I shall start with the stories of three gentlemen. The first story is related to a 27 years old postgraduate student cum social entrepreneur Jabir Karat. He took inspiration from environmentalist ‘Sunderlal Bahuguna’ and took up the cudgel for making his home state Kerala waste free. It was an ambitious, challenging and
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